Burning River BattalionWith the release of the 7th edition rules that Games Workshop tournament organizers have had a hell of a time putting together a fair and balanced way to build fair yet competitive lists. In researching what other tournaments are doing, we found a great place for us to start. Mike from Whiskey & 40k, gave us permission to use his post as a starting point.

These guidelines are a starting point, and are subject to change. Look at this to change with new releases, odd exploits, etc. The guidelines here might be modified a bit by the event. Lastly any changes here to these guidelines will be communicated to be fair to all players, us and the venue.

  1. Armies will not exceed 2000 points across all detachments.
  2. Players are required to have one (1) primary detachment, and can have one (1) optional ally detachment.
  3. Primary
    1. Primary Detachments must be comprised of one (1) HQ unit and two (2) Troop units.
    2. Primary Detachments can be built as a Combined Arms Detachment.
    3. Combined Arms Detachment is built from units from the same faction.
    4. Codex and Supplements are from the same faction.
    5. Detachment can be from a maximum of one Codex and One Codex Supplement.
  4. Allies
    1. Allies must be comprised from units in the same faction but different codex of the primary detachment.
    2. Formation are permitted and count as an ally detachment, no Apocalypse or fortification formations.
    3. Allies cannot be from the same codex/supplement as the primary detachment.
    4. Detachments can be created from one Codex / Codex Supplement
    5. Lords of War (when permitted)
      1. Counts as ally detachment
      2. Must be from the faction as your primary detachment.
      3. Cannot take up more than 25% of your total points.
    6. Fortifications
      1. List can have 0-1 Fortifications, they must be from the approved list below. All fortification must replace terrain in the players deployment zone.
        1. Aegis Defense Line
        2. Imperial Bastion
        3. Skyshield Landing Platform
        4. Firestorm Redoubt
        5. Vengeance Weapons Battery
  5. Forge World 
    1. Units must be "40,000 Approved".
    2. Units cannot be "Experimental".
  6. Conjured Units
    1. Do not gain any benefits granted from the Warlord, Warlord traits, or Command Benefits.
    2. They are governed under the rules of the Allied Matrix, regardless what faction summoned them.
  7. Models
    1. All models need to be at least primed.
    2. All models must be WYSIWYG. 
    3. All models that have a base must be based, if the model doesn't have a base and you base it that is perfectly fine.
    4. No proxies. 
    5. Conversion are allowed and are encouraged, the model must be made from at least 50% Games-Workshop or Forge World parts, and must reasonably represent the unit.
    6. Games-Workshop (not Forge World) units that do not have a model, and there are some, can have a noted proxy model provided it is on the correct size base and your opponent knows what it is prior to beginning the game.

If there are any questions comments or concerns please feel free to reach out to us via email at BurningRiverBattalion [at] gmail.