Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Cleveland is getting Wyrd

For some Age of Sigmar was the highlight of their year. And for others the Republican National Convention coming to Cleveland. But for us the highlight for our year Cleveland is getting Wyrd.

Sure Wyrd Games has been around for a few year and sure there are rumors of players here locally but the Burning River Battalion is going all in on the game Malifaux, as this is the first part of a multi-part series on the game. We are breaking this up to cover an quick introduction, the models, the fluff  and finally the game play.

Malifaux, is a skirmish sized table top miniature game, so you are not looking at huge games of hundreds of models, most games are between 6 and 20 models. The setting is a mixture of just about everything mixed in to one with a horror movie theme. From gremlins to ghosts and everything in between.

And unlike most games Malifaux is played with a deck of cards, well actually two decks but it uses no dice. The standard playing size to play is three feet by three feet. Giving almost anyone the table space to play on a kitchen table or even a large coffee table.

Lastly to mention the way Wyrd Games runs Malifaux it a lot different than how other companies like Games-Workshop and Privateer Press do things. Wyrd Games takes in digital gaming community seriously, with forums and a live chat you can connect with other Malifaux players around the world. The take it a step further and link you to reputable podcast and a player run wiki to help new players in the game, all with out beating down on their player base with their lawyers, (Games-Workshop please take note). Their resource section is basically the one stop anyone will need to learn and know their games.

Next up we discuss the models, sure there is a little metal left over from the previous edition but resin is something you wont see here.

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