Thursday, April 9, 2015

Spring League 2015 Results

Well, our first ever Journeyman League has come to an end. With a turn out of 19 local players we couldn't be happier with the turn out. Many factions were represented in this league from Thornfall Carver to the Protectorate of Menoth.
So here are the results:

Destroyer Award (most game points): Scott B. playing Khador
Creator Award (most hobby points): Brad D. playing Khador
Journeyman Award (most journeyman points): Tom M. playing Trollbloods

Huge congratulations to them!

All league players made it to a minimum of Rank 2, and the following players made Rank 3:

  • Jason B.
  • Dawn N.
  • Michael B.
  • Michael S.
  • Ken B.
  • Jaymes M.
  • Josh S.
  • Tom C.
  • Kurt J.
And the following players made Rank 4:
  • Corbet K.
  • Sean H.
  • Joe M.
  • Tom M.
  • Brad D.
  • Robert S.
  • Scott B.
  • Matt J.
  • James B.

Some of the armies painted up.

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