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The Citadel Annual 2014

The Citadel Annual 2014
The pre-order for The Citadel Annual 2014 has begun and this is coming with little to no fanfare. We look in to what this new book from Games-Workshop is.

Games-Workshop has on pre-order an entire color (colour for those across the pond) catalog of what products they released in 2014. Now we are not sure if this is a huge thing over in Europe where a company releases a book of all their products at the end of the year but here in the states this isn't something that we subscribe to.

What Games-Workshop says about the product?

The Citadel Annual 2014 is a 216-page, full colour, softback book that showcases the entire range of miniatures that we have released in 2014. The models are organised in order of release so it’s great for browsing through, and reminiscing over a year packed with fantastic new models. Which ones have you got? Which ones have you yet to pick up?

Source: Games-Workshop The Citadel Annual 2014

So in reading this description this is a full color catalog that showcases their products released in 2014. Last box I bought from Games-Workshop came un-assembled and not painted. But that is neither here nor there. I guess they are trying to show their customers what their product "could" look like if you wanted it to. Next is the price for $49.50 (plus shipping and handling) for a 216 page color catalog of what the released in a year seems a bit ridiculous. Games-Workshop could have spent this time and effort putting out a smaller catalog for free to help advertise their products to new and existing customers.

If Kevin Rountree had to go and present this product to the "Sharks" of ABC's hit show Shark Tank that would make for a great episode. At first glance this product doesn't seem worth the paper it is printed on nor the $49.50 they are asking for it. And we know most of these images are already out on the internet and within hours of the release of this book the rest will be out there.

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