Thursday, January 8, 2015

Starting The Horus Hersey Part One

Horus Heresy Book One Betrayal
So a while back one of our contributors wrote up if Forge World and the Horus Heresy, Is it for You?. And that is a huge commitment for any gamer to undertake. The cost at first looks intimidating and that combined with what looks like a whole new game this looks daunting. But we are starting The Horus Heresy this is the first part of a multiple post series on doing that.

First let's start at then at the basics what is all needed. Now sure at first we can buy try to go and buy it all at once but how do you really know what you're going to need? So as we write this up we wanted to take a conservative approach to this because any new player to this will be nervous. 

OK, so as most people attempting this venture will probably already have a copy of the Warhammer 40,000 rule book but if you don't that is needed first and foremost. And if you are buying this book now we strongly recommend you have a solid understanding of these rules before going any further down this path. 

Next the starter books for The Horus Heresy, this is the first big cost that is kind of hard to swallow. But you do have a few choices to go on. The first is the most expensive route buying the full versions of The Horus Heresy Betrayal, Massacre and Extermination. Now individually these are about £72.00 ($109.00) each or you could get all three for £206.00 ($312.00) with The Isstvan Trilogy bundle from Forge World. Now this is the first hard price point that just kills it to anyone looking to get in to The Horus Heresy. These price points might drive some to find a PDF copy of The Horus Heresy online, first these are illegal and we don't recommend it. The books are the full campaign books and the specific army lists (12 Legions) and all units for these armies (57 units). They also contain the fluff, the back story to it all and for most of us that is just as important to the army and unit list.

Now there is a less expensive option if you know someone else who has these books. And no it isn't taking the books and making Xerox copies of it. The people over at Forge World thought this through and released a smaller two books that has no fluff but what is needed to play a game. They sell The Horus Heresy Legiones Astartes: Crusade Army List and The Horus Heresy Legiones Astartes: Isstvan Campaign Legions separately but they are kind of pointless on their own. The first respectfully covers the basic army lists (think Codex: Space Marines), and the second one covers the units specific to the 12 Legions to the Isstvan Campaign (think: Crimson Slaughter: A Codex Supplement). Best part is these books together run about £50.00 ($76.00) in the Gamer's Collection.

So since we have someone who has the full book because they wrote about it with Forge World and the Horus Heresy, Is it for You?. We are going to to save some cash and go with the Gamer's Collection.

Next we look at picking an army, so many choices, and what units we are going to start off with.

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