Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Review Artisan Dice

Dice Bubinga and Lapis Lazuli
Artisan Dice, look gorgeous. Have some sweet ideas and they're a niche market for people that want to spend money on high quality gaming supplies. They offer high end dice at a premium price.

Special wood dice with crushed mineral pips. Special polymer dice that bounce more than usual due to the deforming and energy released reforming to its original shape, giving it a distinct double bounce to get more randomness out of it. What seem to be game science dice, or precisely machined dice for those that haven't heard the name. Metal dice. These are just a couple of their products.

They specialize in custom dice that look to be made to order so there is a huge lead time on most of their products and that does hamper impulse buying.

As a company they are a bit behind on communications with customers the dice we ordered to review had a few issues getting to us. First the dice we received wasn't the dice we ordered. We at first emailed them to inform them of the mix with not response, we then contacted them via Facebook with no response, and finally after a couple of attempts they finally answered our calls. They informed us that they were aware of the issue and are fixing it. That was great but communicating with your customers on any issue shouldn't be this difficult.


We ordered the Bubinga wood and Lapis Lazuli mineral pips, that ran us about $85.

This is one of their products that the only made a one off, of. The set included 5 dice. We were super excited about them. Picture looks gorgeous.

When they arrived we were a bit surprised to find that they're smaller than you'd think. From the picture on the site not giving any reference we figured they'd be the size of casino dice or the standard 19 mm dice. These are smaller .75 of an inch or so. So for a set of 5 dice being this small for $85 kind of put us off of what we got.

Inspecting the dice, the pips aren't filled all way and have air bubbles in the. Again...for the price, we figured they'd have some better quality. Also some of the lacquer is already rubbing off. We don't stain wood so we can't speak for the craftsman ship of lacquer and if some rubbing off is normal or not. But the other sides seemed to be fine. You could also see what seemed to be saw dust in the lacquer which was apparent on the pips. Again, it comes down to paying a bunch of money for tiny dice that have imperfections that shouldn't at this price point.

If you price out the material the mark up on the finished product is kind of crazy. A wood dowel, I guess you'd call it, of that dice size is $1. You can get pre-crushed lapis in 1oz bags for $20. Cutting the wood, drilling pips, mixing stone and epoxy, and finishing the dice can not be a $64 job...


They do tote a roll 'em like you stole em quote. They say they'll fix any dice you "break" so you don't feel like you have to be reserved with the expensive dice you just bought.

For the price and looking at the craftsmanship of what we ordered we can honestly say pass on Artisan Dice. The company is a great idea but it is basically a start up that looks to be started by an artist. With that, this company has a lot of potential of being a great buy just not now. so for Warmachine we will just stick with casino dice.

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