Friday, December 12, 2014

Word Bearers and Alpha Legion Contemptors

Alpha Legion Contemptor
Word Bearers and Alpha Legion armies are getting some more love from our friends over at Forge World. Today they release new contemptor dreadnoughts specific for each of these armies respectfully.

Each of these contemptors run about 34 GBP each and that doesn't come with any arms or armament. Which is nothing new with Forge World that follows their business model (no pun intended). The release of these two new models are just in time for the Sunday December 14th ordering deadline if you are here in the States.

The release of the Word Bearers Contemptor dreadnought goes perfectly with the line for Word Bearer models and accessories including Logar. As for the Alpha Legion Contemptor dreadnought it is one of the first Legion specific models released for them. We assume it is due to the mystery behind this legion.

Rules for the Warhammer 40k rules can be found in Imperial Armour Volume Thirteen and for the Horus Hersey rules they can be found here in Legiones Astartes: Crusade Army List. And there are no digital download of these books either, for those players who love the iBook or PDF formats of their gaming books.

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