Friday, December 5, 2014

Konrad Curze comes to Forge World

Awesome news from the great folk over at Forge World. The release of Konrad Curze Primarch of the Night Lords.
Like all of the models from Forge World this finely detailed model is made from resin and is the latest of the Primarch models that Forge World has been releasing.

This model has rules that can be found here, they are Horus Hersey era rules so he is not for traditional Warhammer 40k. If you want the full fluff and rules this book will give you the whole kitten caboodle, but all that fluff will cost you. And like all Forge World books these don't come in PDF format, and we are still sadden by that. If you are looking for the full list of Night Lords models we have the link here for you.

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