Sunday, December 28, 2014

Games Workshop's Digital Commercial

White Dwarf's latest iOS application has been out for a little bit we wanted to see what it was all about first before we go deep in to a review of the product. So we wanted to see what Games Workshop in their infinite wisdom were planning to do with this app.

First the app is called "Warhammer App" so at a glance you would think this is an app just for the Classic Warhammer but that is not the case this is actually for both. Not sure the players who do both but from our local meta there is one maybe two who actually play both. The content come from both Games Workshop and from Forge World as well.

So the app is lists contents in links and takes you to a small landing page for each link. The landing page might have a link else where or it could just stop there. And they made it nice with an "unread" and an "all" tab up top to give you the option of seeing the ones you haven't read and all of the posts.

After using the app for a few weeks one of the things we started doing is looking at the new post from the app to the emails sent out from Games Workshop and Forge World, and one of the things we started noticing is that the content is always one for one. So there is no exclusivity to the content of the app. Everything you get in your junk email box from Games Workshop and Forge World will show up here.

Now full disclosure I am a software developer by trade. And looking at this app this is very simple to write. Small application shell pulling content from a server. This isn't terribly difficult, so only releasing it to iOS devices was saying to anyone who doesn't use iOS we don't care about that part of our customer base.

All in all we gave this app the benefit of the doubt and tested it through out the holiday season. Would we recommend anyone installing this (if you can) and the answer is simply "NO". This app is just a commercial of stuff Games Workshop and Forge World wants you to buy. I guess this is their answer to most major email providers (Outlook and Gmail, I use both) taking all of the Games Workshop and Forge World emails and flagging them as spam junk mail. When this happens companies normally change their email marketing strategy and not release an app to try to bypass this.

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