Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Fall Tournament 2014 Playoffs

We end our league with a tie, sounds unfortunate but we do get a play off of our best players to see who tops out this seasons best players. Befitting with the NCAA College Football implements their play off system this year as well.

The turn out was great for this league we want to thank everyone who participated in it. The missions were fun to both write and play we did our best to balance out the missions allow players to bring different units depending on the missions. Below are the final rankings for this league.

Tom     18
Pete    18
Star    18
Kyle    18
Rob     13
Joe     12
Brad    12
Robert  9
Clark   9
Corbett 6
Dave    4

Last Mission

Composition: The base is found here.

Objectives: After terrain has been set-up, and sides have been selected each player takes turns placing three Objective Markers on their respective sides for a total of six Objective Markers.

Deployment: Players must deploy using the Standard Deployment Method.

Map: Dawn of War.

First Turn: The player that set up first can choose to take the first or second turn. If they decide to take the first turn, their opponent can attempt to Seize the Initiative.

Victory Conditions: At the end of the game, the player who has scored the most Victory Points is the winner. If both players have the same number of Victory Points.

Primary Objectives: At the end of each players turn each Objective Marker a player controls is worth one (1) Victory Point. At the end of the game units complete destroyed are worth one (1) Victory Point to the opponent, this also applies to units that are not on the board when the game ends.

Secondary Objectives: Slay the Warlord (1 Victory Point) and Line Breaker (1 Victory Point).

Mission Special Rules: Night Fighting, Reserves, Mysterious Objectives.

Game Length: Games will last five (5) full turns at the end of the fifth turn the player who went second rolls a D6 on a roll of 4 or higher the game goes on one more turn, if the roll was 3 or less the game ends. Repeat this up to seven (7) complete turns.

Match ups:

Round One:
1. Pete vs Tom
2. Kyle vs Star

Round Two:
1. Tom vs Kyle

Please get your first game in by December 20th, sooner rather than later.

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