Sunday, December 14, 2014

Did GW take our advice? Kind of

Blood Angels Datacards
We found a little surprise in this years Games-Workshop Advent calendar. And this made us wonder did Games-Workshop listen to us? Well, kind of it looks they went digital and in a good way.

Back in early September of this year we wrote a post about If they just went digital and we went in to how Games-Workshop should really offer more products digitally for us its customers. Now if you didn't read the post it, but we know you did, we discussed how Games-Workshop should offer digital products of content that they cannot produce enough of.

And with the highly anticipated release of the new Blood Angels Codex, Games-Workshop did just that they released a PDF version of the Blood Angels Datacards for download. Will wee see more of these types of releases? We sure do hope so. With a price point of around $5 these are at a perfect price points for any digital Warhammer 40K player.

So as we cannot take full credit for this digital release, and we could say this is just coincidence either way we are happy with the direction Games-Workshop is going with this.

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