Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Dark Vengeance Expansions

Games-Workshop has done something they haven't attempted to do before, expand upon a starter set. Now generally we see expansion for campaigns or formations.
Games-Workshop is releasing two expansion for Dark Vengeance. One for the Dark Angels and the other isn't for Chaos Space Marines but for Crimson Slaughter one of the two expansions for the Chaos Space Marines.

Most box sets have been bought and split between two players. No one really kept the game as is because the starting armies were unbalanced. And Dark Vengeance is no different. The difference with Dark Vengeance is the models that comes with it were lackluster and specific to two factions with pathetically written Codices from 6th Edition. Now Games-Workshop is attempting to give the starter set a little bit of a boost.

First lets look at Dark Angels: A Dark Vengeance Expansion Set, this contains one Ravenwing Dark Talon, three Ravenwing Black Knights, and five Deathwing Knights all for about $140. Good news this is actually a discount if you bought all of these models individually it comes out to be about $185.

Next lets look at the Crimson Slaughter: A Dark Vengeance Expansion Set now this is the interesting one because this is not Chaos Space Marines but Crimson Slaughter. This box set comes with the following: one Chaos Space Marines Land Raider, five Warp Talons, five Chaos Space Marines Terminators, and five Cultists all for about $135.  And again this is a discount to the $171 for all of these models individually.

Will both of these box set balance out Dark Vengeance, not really, sure it adds some changes like adding a flyer and a heavy vehicle. But you are also stuck in buying the Dark Angel, Chaos Space Marine codices and the Crimson Slaughter supplement, these box sets are useless with out these that is adding and extra $149 just in books.

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