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Troops in 7th Edition, What To Know

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Calvin here to talk about one of the most important game winning aspects in 40k today. Troops. With one of the biggest changes in 7th today being that our whole armies can score in a pinch were going to look at some of the more effective or points efficient objective secured units in the game today.

With the large majority of missions being centered around holding objectives all over the board, speed and maneuverability is a major consideration as well, especially in maelstrom missions, where points need to be generated immediately on a turn by turn basis often in the heart of your opponents army, a scenario In which having the objective secured rule is much more critical. So let's start with some of the more common units  around today....


Jetbikes: with a 12" move and 24" turbo boost they are undoubtedly the best in the game at a mere 51pts for three bikes, with a jink save these are something to be ready for.

Dire Avengers and Wave Serpent: coming in around 200pts together this offers two Objective Secure units with a lot of punch, speed and the ability to tank shock your way onto an objective for victory!


Warriors: only one way to do it, stick them in a Night Scythe at 165pts and pick the spot you want them to beam down on, place objectives 6" from a board edge so when one undoubtedly gets shot down the five man squad walks in from reserves and promptly claims it.


Plaguebearers: your home field specialists, slow and purposeful means their not going very far very fast, but shrouding is a great boost in survivability that makes them perfect to just hang out and stink up the home objectives. The best part is you get ten for 90pts.

Daemonettes: one of the best units when you need some speed, moving 6" and running d6+"3 rerolling the run because of fleet these girls move deceptively fast! With T3 and a 5++ save though their better off deep striking in later in the game and making a dash for the late game win and again
ten for 90pts are not bad.

Sisters of Battle people play these?

Space Marines

Scouts: put them in a land speeder storm, outflank them and you have two Objective Secure units for a bargain buy at 100pts.

Space Marines: there are many ways to do it, bring them in a drop pod which also has Objective Secure next to an objective, stick them in a Rhino or with a HQ on bike your bikes can become very fast Objective Secure troops themselves.


Infantry: blob them up into 30, 40 or even 50 man squad, stick a priest in for Fearless and consider your home field objective(s) a LOCK.

Veterans: have too many chimeras laying around? Jam some vets in 5-6 and Mech up the board! Make those knights work to chase them all down

Chaos Space Marines

Plague Marines: with fearless, T5 and Feel No Pain, minimum squads in Rhinos can be a nightmare to prevent holding the top of the hill. Take them both for around 155pts, only caveat is you need Typhus or a Chaos Lord with mark of Nurgle to make them troops.

Cultists: the bargain buy for Chaos armies, while larger squads will need to have their morale issues addressed with a tough leader to give them inspiration, you can also  run them dirt cheap at 50pts for ten.

Plague Zombies: with Typhus as your HQ you have access to one of the most resilient troops in the game. Run them 90pts for 20 and get Fearless and Feel No Pain and watch your opponent struggle to shift them off the objective.

Dark Eldar

Warriors: multiple small units (MSU) is the way to go for the dark kin, five warriors in a scoring venom or raider will only set you back 100pts, and with all that poison and lance weaponry packs a pretty surprising punch.

Wyches: No. Just no.

Grey Knights

Terminators: they'll set you back 200pts for five but can play a much more active roll in the fight.

Strike Squad: 100pts for five, Deep Strike them all over the board, wave force weapons around menacingly.


Gaunts: they'll need synapse nearby to keep them reliable, but a bargain for a Fearless squad, take minimum 15 at 90pts.

Tervigon: it will set you back 190pts but that's bad for a Objective Secure unit with T6 and five wounds that craps more scoring units!


Boyz: two ways to do this, run minimum 20 man squad at 120pts or ten in a scoring Trukk for 90pts. You'll have the best luck going all one way or the other, flood the board with boots on the ground or a sea of armor and dare your opponent to kill them all!


Grots: Just take ten. Reserve them. Then hide them. Then use slight of hand techniques to keep your opponent from noticing them, all for about 40pts.
(I've noticed most things can't see them behind an aegis, their just so small, when done this is funny.)
Damnit I lost again! Why don't I use an Aegis?!


Warriors: take six in Devilfish for about 145pts.

Crisis Suits: take Farsight Enclave supplement, Deepstrike single suits, jet pack around and shoot then hide.

These are just some of the more notable troop options there, and remember, don't get caught up in shooting or charging something just because you can, keep your eye on the prize, your opponent might show up with five Imperial Knights attempting to kill everything in sight, you don't need to kill a single one to win the game, reserve and preserve, earn more points and you get the W.

So what's your favorite troop unit? Any memorable games with that lone guardsman hiding behind a tree your opponent forgot about sitting on the objective?

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