Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Coaching Your Army

As most people have seen a football game either on TV or live we take a moment to dedicate this post to the coaches on the sidelines. Either the head coach the offensive coordinator or the defensive coordinator this is for you.
Now as most of you here know we are a game club, not a sports club or a football fan site so let me go in to a bit of an explanation. If you have seen a game you have noticed the coaches on the sidelines calling play and reviewing play cards. Now play cards give the coaches a quick reference to all their plays the team knows. So you see them look down, look up and cover their mouth with their play cards and talk in the mic and if it is Nick Saban you are just yelling.

Bare with me here I know you are wondering how this is about wargaming? Well, as a wargaming player you are really the coach and your army is your team. Granted there are some huge differences with this but one thing remains the same you (wargaming player) are calling the shots and that is where play cards come in. 

Some games give you a small stat card, think of any Warmachine or Hordes, but that is limited and small. And some games give you nothing but a book, think Warhammer either flavor of it. The idea of a stat card isn't new players have been doing it for years. Looking at top teir players a lot of them are leveraging play cards. 

So what is on them? First let's discuss what the should be made of, either a heavy card stock or laminated paper, makes them durable and reusable. What size? We recommend 8 1/2" by 11", some of you might think that is a bit big and you are right it is. But you are only using one side of it, keep the other side blank as to not give your opponent the advantage of knowing what is up your sleeve. How many do you need? About one card per unit, don't try to cram everything on a few cards every unit is important or it wouldn't be in your army. What should be on a unit's card? Start with the basic stat line, then look at psychic powers and last but not least all the special rules the unit has and the definition. Isn't that copyright infringement? Not for your personal use, so do not in any way post it public on the Internet. What if my opponent is challenging a special rule should I show him my play card? No, we recommend you reference page numbers in the rule book or respective codex, etc and make them look it up.

Now we are not going to lie some factions and some list this might be a bit of work. But a quick reference gives you the ability to focus on the game at hand and not try to memorize everything. Try it with your next game we promise you that it will make things a lot easier and possibly give you a better gaming experience.

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