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Warhammer 40k Tournament Battle Report August 30th JAC Games

This past Saturday, August 30th JAC games in Akron Ohio hosted a Warhammer 40k tournament. I personally enjoy going to stores that I don't normally frequent in order to meet new people and to spread the cheer. Thus, a couple of us from the burning river battalion traveled to Akron to play. I've been in JAC games a few times over the years, but its never been a destination site for me. The last time I was in the shop must have been at least 4 years ago and it has grown from the last time I was there. While the location and building are the same, the store itself has a lot more stock than I remember from the last time I was there. Its a really nice store and great gaming environment. If you're in the Akron area, feel free to check them out.
Now, on to the actual tournament. The tournament rules specified 2000 point battle forge lists. Lords of war were permitted and the only thing that wasn't strictly allowed was sadly forge world stuff, but I am a little bias since I love pretty much everything forge world. The missions were randomly decided and included the potential for maelstrom missions. With those rules in mind I set about making a list for my necrons.

Here is the list for those interested. It was the first time I've used a tesseract vault in a normal game of 40k which made me a little nervous. The almost 600 points meant it really needed to pull its weight. I took the wave of withering in order to make sure I had at least 1 d weapon since I didn't know what I expect from anyone else. The anti matter meteor would make sure that any horde armies would also have a really bad day. I tend to run a lot of warriors, normally 40 in every list, but the points just were not there to do it. I could have fit them in, but I needed a 3rd troop choice to make sure I could take objectives and I find that warriors are much better in bigger squads. Thus, I took the squad of immortals because of the slightly better save vs just taking say 12 more warriors.
Necron Overlord
w/ Warscythe, Mind Shackle Scarabs, Rez Orb, Phase Shifter, Sempiternal Weave
205 Points

15x Warriors w/ Ghost Ark
310 Points

15x Warriors w/ Night Scythe
295 Points

10x Immortals w/Tesla Carbines w/ Night Scythe
270 Points

Triarch Stalker
150 Points

Heavy Support
Annihilation Barge
90 Points

Annihilation Barge
90 Points

Lord Of War
Tesseract Vault(315)
w/ Anti Matter Meteor(150), Wave of Withering(120)
585 Points

My opponent's army for game 1 was a chaos space marine list with daemon allies. While I don't know the exact composition of his army, it consisted of a chaos lord, 3 squads of noise marines with a rhino each, 1 squad of daemonettes, 1 keeper of secrets, and 1 daemon prince. The keeper and prince were there mainly to summon daemons. The mission we ended up having to play was the maelstrom of war mission Deadlock.  My opponent did win the dice roll to see who goes first, but I ended up seizing the initiative.
I won't go over every detail but sadly I had the game in hand from turn 1. I was able to get 3 tactical objective points on turn 1 as well as killing his daemon prince before it could summon anything. The entire game his keeper of secrets only summoned 1 unit of seekers due to poor rolls. We ended up calling the game after my turn 5 since he had only a few noise marines left. My vault never did get hurt, but his list had no real answer for it either. In total I lost less than 15 warriors and only 3 immortals in the game.

The opponent for game 2 had a space wolf list. He brought Arjac's Shieldbrothers, 3 thunderwolf cavalry, N'Jal stormcaller, B'jorn the fell handed in a drop pod, murderfang in a drop pod, and a stormwolf loaded up with wolfguard terminators. The mission for this round was the emperor's will. I ended up winning the roll to see who goes first for this round and he was not able to seize the initiative.
Again I will just give a brief description of the battle. It was a bad game for my opponent again from the start. he held all but the thunderwolf cavalry and Arjac's formation in reserve. Due to poor rolling the thunderwolves immediately died and his land raider crusader lost a hull point. The rest of the game was more a game to see if I could table him. Every turn something came out it pretty much died right away. Although, N'jal stormcaller at one point survived almost my entire list shooting at him. Another game that we called before the end since he had only his flyer left on the table, while I had both objectives camped. I lost roughly 20 warriors and again a couple immortals. My vault lost 1 hull point this game.

My last opponent was the only other player that was also 2-0 after the first 2 rounds. He brought an ork list with a stompa, 2 giant 30 boyz squads, 6 biker nobz, 3 killa canz, 1 def dread, 1 weird boy, 10 gretchin, and 1 boss. The mission was big guns never tire. I won the roll to see who goes first with my opponent failing to seize.
This game had me really worried on paper. I've never played against a stompa and knew it would be a challenge for sure. I knew the key to his list was knocking out the stompa as fast as possible. Of course he knew he needed to kill my vault asap as well.

The first turn I didn't even shoot once at his stompa. I wanted to kick myself for not doing it, but I really only had the one gun from the vault that could hit it. Instead of trying to strip a single hull point I fired at the cans and killed 1 while destroying the claw on another 1. His stompa on his turn of course moved as close as possible to the vault so he could charge it. The stompa between shooting and his successful assault was able to knock off 4 hull points. At that point I was really kicking myself for not taking a single shot at the stompa on my turn 1. Thankfully though I had plenty of warriors now in range of his stompa.

My turn 2 the stalker first shot the stompa stripping off a hull point. Now the rest of the army would be twin linked with about 20 of my 30 warriors in rapid fire range. Needless to say, I got really lucky and blew up the stompa on my turn 2. Even luckier, as close as I was the explosion didn't catch any of my army. Once again we called it before it ended since he had only a few gretchin at the end and a couple boyz. I lost 1 annihilation barge, a whole squad of warriors, and 4 hull points off the vault.

The way they do tournaments at JAC games is a little different for prizes. Everyone that had at least 1 win had a chance to win the first place money. The more games you win the higher your chances of winning. The cost for playing though is only 5 dollars and they also give out 2 prizes for people just showing up. I did not win the first place prize even though I won first place. I did however get to be one of the lucky ones to win 20 dollars in store credit just for showing up. It was a fun time and I will try to make it to the next one they have on the 27th of September along with a couple others from the burning river battalion. Its the same format but with 2500 points. Also as a reminder, we have our tournament at Recess games on October 4th in North Olmsted. Take a look through our older posts for the rules/format for that event. Hope you found this entertaining.


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