Monday, September 8, 2014

Review Anvil Industry

Anvil Industry
If you know anything about Cleveland we have a love for the little guy. We have quite a few award winning restaurants all unique to Cleveland. Sure they sell Miller Lite here but we have Great Lakes Brewery. It is a part of being Cleveland. Now this gives a little background on Cleveland but that isn't why we wrote this post.
We came across a small company out of the UK called Anvil Industry. They do custom resin casts of unique 28 MM models. Now to be completely unbiased we actually purchased models for this review.

Going through their site Anvil Industry they have a lot of great weapon upgrades that are great change of pace for any tactical squad you might have. They have a decent range of melee weapons and shields as well. Enough of the wide array of things they have on their site let get down to what we reviewed.

Black-Ops Sniper Recon Team
We picked up a five (5) pack of the Black-Ops Sniper Recon Team. Personally I was looking for a small sniper squad that would be an perfect for an ally detachment. And of all of their model sets this looked to be one of their better sculpts. Out of the package these are mostly assembled, but some do require some gluing.

Looking at the resin cast the first thing any modeler needs to look at is the bubbles (think fine crap). almost none. I had a few on some under edges but for a solid model this was expected. But some liquid green stuff help fill that out. The second thing is the flash or the excess resin at the edge of the cast. These models did have a little but not noticeable to write about. Next was scale comparing these models to others at 28 MM, and they were right on par with other companies models of the same scale. Now with this some of the Black-Ops Sniper Recon Team had some odd spacing between the legs of one of the squatting models.

Paint wise I was able to sit down and paint one of these models over the weekend. I first noticed that these models came clean, some places were you get resin models the models came coated in a thin silicon film. This is from the casting method, to help the model release from the mold. I hit this model with a rattle can white primer (spray paint). The paint scheme I went generic dark green cloak and khaki color armor. I like to think of it they way any futuristic sniper team should be, not painted up in yellow armor with a cloak on and say, "hey I can still move unseen, with my bright yellow armor".

Black-Ops Sniper Recon TeamLastly these Black-Ops Sniper Recon Team were a blast to paint. They were something different from the every day legion army I have been working on.  We are not saying Anvil Industry will replace model for model anything in a persons 40K or what ever army, but they could. But where we strongly recommend people look at are the resin cast weapons and bionics they sell. If you play Orks, Astra Militarium or better yet Chaos Space Marines, these bits do add an extra level of detail to your army. Best of all they are not going to break the bank, price wise these are some of the best deals you can find on the internet. These extras can help turn a box a bits in to an extra unit. Or with the spam of Imperial Knights we are seeing in the local meta Ork players would be silly not to invest in a few of these bionic claws.

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