Monday, September 1, 2014

If they just went digital

tactical objectives
As the dust settles with the release of the Warhammer 40K 7th edition rules and the release schedule of Games Workshop has ramped up to a codex or supplement just about every other month. There was a huge opportunity for Games Workshop to go digital in the perfect way way.
The 7th edition rules gave us the Tactical Objectives for the Maelstrom missions. A whole new ways for objectives in Warhammer 40k and basically a whole new way to play a mission. And a with how these games mechanics work these come out to about 36 different objectives. Games Workshop in their infinite wisdom released a deck of 36 nicely printed Tactical Objective cards. But with one of the first things didn't anticipate is the demand for such cards.

These cards sold out locally all of the stores ran out and they were put on back order. Now retail these are about eight US dollars for a set. And the epic paper printing company of Games Workshop sold out. Now back in the day before there was a digital option this would have stirred up greater demand and a sense of excitement with the product. But those days are gone with the advent of the instance gratification that consumers get with technology.

This shortage gave Games Workshop the perfect opportunity to drop a cheap phone app. A lot of company have the capacity of dropping a very simple application for both iOS or Android for almost nothing, actually less than 5,000 USD. Pricing the application just a little below the eight US dollars or even at the same price, would have actually given Games Workshop a slight edge over their competition. But yet we all were just left to wait and Games Workshop is left with a little less cash. We have talked about going digital before and there are some times where going digital takes away from the game, with things like dice rolling apps so on and so forth. But apps like Battle-Scribe and Army Builder they have taken the game to another level.

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