Friday, August 22, 2014

Forge World New Contemptors

Contemptor DrednoughtOur friends over at Forge World have a new model release this week giving some special love to the forces of Chaos. We are seeing new Comptemptor Dreadnoughts for the Night Lords and the Iron Warriors.
As for all Forge World models these are multi-part resin kits and arms are not included in either model. Nothing new with that that is normal for them. Forge World was also nice enough to give links to where one can find the rules to these particular models respectfully, not always done but we are glad they took the time to do so. If you are a Warhammer 30k (Horus Hersey) fan or you want a great great proxy model for your Warhammer 40k Helbrute these are models to take a look at.

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