Monday, August 4, 2014

Fall 2014 Tournament

Burning River Battalion
The Burning River Battalion is hosting the Fall 2017 Tournament.

When: October 4th dice rolling at 11 am.

Where: Recess Games (26636 Brookpark Road Extension • North Olmsted OH 44070)

Cost: $30 by October 3rd and $35 after that, $5 will go to lunch we are ordering a few pizza's, and Frank's Red Hot is included.

Points: 2000

Format: we will be using Swiss tournament system, for three (3). Each round will be two and a half (2.5) hours long.

Mission: all missions will be based on the ones from Games-Workshop official books. All tables will have terrain pre-set on them.

Composition: we are using Battle-forged rules from the 7th edition rule book. Players are allowed one (1) primary and one (1) ally detachment. Your warlord must be from your primary detachment. Your primary detachment is required to have one (1) HQ unit and two (2) Troop unit and if you have an ally detachment they must have one (1) HQ unit and one (1) Troop unit. Escalation is allowed for (1) Lord of War, if you decide to take a Lord of War, you cannot take an Ally detachment. The faction matrix is in place for all allies. Also your Lord of War must be from the same Codices as your warlord, for example if you decide to take the Lord of Skulls your warlord must be from Codex: Chaos Space Marine. Fortifications are allowed, and will replace one piece of terrain in your deployment area. This is a 40k tournament so no 30k. Forge World is allowed but it must be for 40k and be denoted in the Forge World book as so. No experimental rules.

Prize: prizes will be as followed and are given out as store credit.
1st Place 35%
2nd Place 25%
3rd Place 10%
Best painted army 15%
Best painted individual model 15%

  • All models need to be at least primed.
  • All models must be WYSIWYG, "I know this marine has a plasma gun but it's really a melta gun", no exceptions. 
  • All models that have a base must be based, if the model doesn't have a base and you base it that is perfectly fine.
  • No proxies, "I know it is a unit of Necron warriors but I am using them as Necron Death Marks", no exceptions. 
  • Conversion are allowed and are encouraged, the model must be made from at least 50% Games-Workshop or Forge World parts, and must reasonably represent the unit.
  • Games-Workshop (not Forge World) units that do not have a model, and there are some, can have a noted proxy model provided it is on the correct size base and your opponent knows what it is prior to beginning the game.
All questions need to be cleared prior to the day of the event by email Burningriverbattalion [at] gmail.

Winner: Straight up wins are counted first. If there is a tie then we look at total number of victory points gained during the tournament. If there is still a tie then we will compare the margin of victory in the 3 rounds. Lastly, and only if needed, we will compare strength of your opponents to decide any ties.

Supplements: Codices and rule books must be legal physical or digital copies, no pirated items. Please bring all of the latest FAQ's, rules and Codices for your units.

Event starts at 11:00 AM we suggest that you be there a bit early to start on time, each round will be approximately two and a half (2.5) hours long with a 30 minute break in between rounds one and two for food and a 15 minute break between rounds two and three. Armies will be judge for painting during the 30 minute break for food.

Players will get a handout to help them keep track of their wins.

Preregistration is recommended this event is limited to 16 spots, more information can be found here at Recess.

All information posted here is subject to change.

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