Saturday, May 3, 2014

Fairwell to 6th Edition Warhammer 40,000 Tournament

On Sunday June 1st at 11am we will be hosting a 40k tournament at Recess Games in North Olmsted Ohio. We are doing a 1000 point doubles tournament. You will have a randomly assigned partner for the tournament and you will play other teams of players. The details for the event can be found at this link which is a lovely PDF file. You don't have to print out that file but you do want to take a look at it because it has the missions that will be potentially used at the tournament.

Farewell to 6th Edition Warhammer 40,000 Doubles Tournament
Hosted by The Burning River Battalion Group
You can also find us on G+
When: Sunday June 1st
Time: 11am
Place: Recess Games
26636 Brookpark Road Extension • North Olmsted OH 44070 • 440.779.7008
Cost: $20. 5 dollars will go towards pizza, 5 dollars will be in the form of a gift certificate to each player (we enjoy supporting the friendly neighborhood game store), and the other 10 will go towards prize money.
We have room for 36 players so make sure you register early to prevent losing your place. Contact Recess Games at the listed number to register.

The format for this tournament will be 2 player teams. Each player will have a 1000 point list. Players will be randomly assigned a partner for the tournament. This is for 2 reasons. First this will help to cut down on really broken combinations and second this will help players meet new people. There will be 3 rounds of games. Papers will be handed out to keep track of wins and losses each round and to keep track of total victory points each round. Rounds will last approximately 2 hours with a 15 minute break in-between round 1 and 2, and a 30 minute break in-between round 2 and 3 for food. So be aware that we will be having pizza at approximately 415 to 430 time frame.

The winners are decided as follows. Straight up wins are counted first. If there is a tie then we look at total number of victory points gained during the tournament. If there is still a tie then we will compare the margin of victory in the 3 rounds. Lastly, and only if needed, we will compare strength of your opponents to decide any ties.

There will be set a preset mission for each round. 6 missions that are not from the main rule book have been selected as possible missions for this tournament. All the missions are official Games Workshop missions; they simply are not the standard missions. The mission details will be included in this so you can make yourself aware of them. Just know that only 3 of the 6 shown will be used. This will be randomly decided before the tournament. This way you as a player have an idea of what to expect but not absolute certainty.

 The rules we will be using for this tournament are the current 6th edition rules. By the time we have this tournament a new rule book will be out, but given the lack of time to prepare for any rules change we will keep this as a salute to 6th edition. Any and all official games workshop armies are allowed with the following exceptions. Lords of war will not be used (mostly due to each list only being 1000 points) and nothing from the horus heresy or any experimental rules. Allies are allowed. Forge world items and lists are permitted provided you have the most current edition of the physical books. Web copies are not permitted, only original copies. Obviously any digital codex books, data slates, etc are allowed. I am speaking to pirated copies that may or may not have been altered. It is essential that you have the current faq for your codex if one is available. There will be a judge for rules questions that may arise. Make sure you have 4 copies of your list, 1 for yourself and 1 for each round of the tournament for your opponents.  I hope this goes without saying, but if you are found to be cheating, either by dice rolling or fudging numbers you will be asked to leave and forfeit your money for the tournament.

Prize money goes out in the form of gift certificates as follows.
1st Place 40% of the prize pot
2nd Place 25% of the prize pot
3rd Place 15% of the prize pot
Best painted army 10%
Best painted individual model 10%

Painted or primed miniatures are not mandatory for this tournament but there is a reward for those that do have nice looking minis. The players will each vote on the army and model that looks best. If it is a tie then the money is just split. These awards are meant for people that have actually painted the models themselves. If your army was painted by a professional painter I am using the honor system here that you will let the players know not to vote for your army or individual model.

5/5/14 Revisions
Only 1 HQ choice is permitted per list. 1 Warlord is chosen per team in each round. This means
if both players on a team have a chapter master only one is chosen as the warlord. This is left up 
to the players to decide which will be the warlord in each round. No named character models 
are permitted. Also, stronghold assault is not permitted and the death from the skies 
rules/aces are not being used.