Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Should you go digital?

Should you go digital?We first talked about going digital with our post Codex al Carte, with Games-Workshop's exclusive interactive content on iTunes to Black Libraries static content. Privateer Press also has a great digital app for their content. The question for most players, both new and experienced is should I go digital?

First the good and there is a lot of good here. Content is on demand, we get instant satisfaction downloading a new book the moment it is released. And for some of us that is almost needed with new content. Next some of the content is automatically updated with a FAQ, this means no PDF print outs to carry around and make sure the PDF's are up to date. Some content is interactive with imbedded videos and dynamic diagrams. But the biggest good of going digital is convenience all your rules, codex, army books on a single device.

The bad and yes it is bad. Tablets are not cheap by any means from an iPad to a Samsung Tab they start around $200 and go up in price. This is probably the biggest problem for anyone to move digital from physical books. Do I pay $499 for this iPad or do I pick up an apocalypse formation?!? The content isn't any cheaper, when you look at GW and PP you would think that since they are saving money in the cost of printing physical content that they would pass that along to us? In one word NO.  This also doesn't give you the chance to resell the content either, if you are done playing with a specific army or if you are giving up on wargaming all together (which why would anyone give up gaming?) you cannot sell off or give away the content. This means it is pretty much yours forever.

Now the ugly, which could be considered "bad" but this is where GW and PP get you. Exclusive content for digital only. Yeah that is ugly and these companies know it. Releases such as Kill Team by Games-Workshop in digital only (as of the time of this post) and it sucks for some players who are not digital. This is where we see a rise in illegal downloads of content. I found it easier to find an illegal version of Kill Team than to find the legal one on iTunes.

In all the question remains should you go digital? It comes down to the device, if you own it and you use it and the bad mentioned above isn't too bad for you then by all means give it a try. But if you don't own a tablet or laptop you want to use then moving digital doesn't make sense. The cost can set a gamer back almost an entire army. We say stay physical for the time being.

This also begs the next giant question, what if you got all the content for a monthly fee, would you pay it? We will save that for another post.

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