Friday, February 21, 2014

Kill Team Meet and Greet

Burning River Battalion is hosting it's second annual Warhammer 40,000 Kill Team Meet and Greet! This will be a bracketed game playing missions from the new Kill Team rule book (iPad and all others).  Depending on how many people sign up there will be anywhere from 3 to 5 rounds of play each round is no more than 30 minutes.

Where: Recess (26636 Brookpark Road Extension • North Olmsted OH).

When:  April 12th 2014 @ 2:00 PM.

Registration: by email (burningriverbattalion at gmail dot com) or via our G+ group. Please include what army you are playing and your name, registration cut off is 4/10/2014.

What to bring?
  • Your models.
  • Dice, tape measure & templates.
  • 40k rulebook, codex and FAQs.
  • One objective marker.
  • Two copies of your army list.
  • Kill Team rule book.
We also suggest that might want to bring all of your models, if you are eliminated early on you might be able to pick up a game with someone else.

More information will be posted here and the information is subject to change.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Playing the Fluff

A few months ago I went through one of the many Chaos Space Marine Battle Force boxes that I own. Being a CSM player I think I actually own six of them. I never assembled the Khorne Berzerkers, never saw the need to, I have always played Nurgle and Slaanesh based list but I thought it would be fun to paint these guys up. Not really paying attention to how I was assembling them I just built them close to what the box provided. So there were a few with chain axes and a few with chain swords, one or two with plasma pistols, and the champion I fluffed him up with a chain ax and a plasma pistol. Looking at what I assembled it really turned out to be pretty fluffy. The unit wasn't all kitted out the same, and to be honest they weren't really optimal to play with.

Recently I did attempt to play a game with my new unit of Khorne Berzerkers, not at a troop unit but as a regular old elite unit. Dropped them in to a rhino with dirge casters on it and charged them up the side of the board. I slammed them right in to a full unit of Loota Boyz with amazing results, I was able to get off two plasma pistol shots before engaging the unit. After I lost Berzerker to the shooting phase of the Loota Boyz but it gave me the opportunity to push my rhino in between the Loota Boyz I was about to charge and another unit of Loota Boyz close by. I charged in nine men strong, preventing any over watch I was able to wipe that unit with ease and in subsequent rounds take out the next unit of Loota Boyz leaving five Berzerkers left.

I didn't win, Orks did take the game but I was impressed with what a silly filler unit of Khorne Berzerkers can do. My opponent did ask why I didn't optimize this unit, and my response was simple "they didn't really need to be changed". Fluff wise I was right on with the unit, game wise I could have spent a few more points to squeeze a few more kills out of this unit. In ending I did find a new love for Khorne Berzerkers, and playing with fluff in mind makes the game less competitive for me but a lot more fun to play. It makes you worry less about winning over all and focus more on getting what you can out of a unit. I do recommend to try a fluffy unit or better yet a fluffy list in your next game of Warhammer 40,000.