Sunday, January 19, 2014

Kill Team once again

Kill Team once againGames Workshop released the new rules for Kill Team games. Now personally I think idea of Kill Team is great for everyone. If done right Kill Team is a great introduction game to table top wargaming and Warhammer 40,000. But that is only if it is done right.

The good, this updated release of Kill Team hammers out a few new rules and gives update to a few codex rules. It also gives a better outline of the specialist rules of the game. Both are major improvements of the rules. The book also come with default missions where are awesome and give an outline for anyone new or seasoned to the game to follow. The rules also keep flyers out of the game, and forget about taking terminators no 2+ armor saves. Vehicles are allowed but no more than 3 hull points and the combined armor values cannot be greater than 33. And with the spirit of what the game is this keeps the cheese out of it.

The bad, this update cost money, and as we all know Games Workshop they released this digitally first, we are waiting to see if it comes out physically. Then there is a lack of full rules if you want to play the game you need to have the full Warhammer 40,000 rule book. Sure it is a supplement to the game they say, but I would make the argument that this is a whole new game. Games Workshop should really put all the rules that are core to playing Kill Team in the supplement they released, make this stand alone.

Now I did say at the beginning that the concept of Kill Team is a great ideal if done right. Kill Team is the perfect tool for Games Workshop to use to attract more players to the 40,000 universe. Make the rules stand alone with a price range of about $25. This give the player thinking of trying it a lower cost to try it out. Then with unit box sets give a small outline for Kill Team in the box, I am buying a Space Marine Tactical Squad, this can also be used perfectly with Kill Team. Lastly a box set wouldn't hurt but as something for someone to start off in the hobby the models couldn't be too complex, here static models would be better.