Monday, September 16, 2013

An entire Chapter as a barrier to entry

Games Workshop is now selling an entire Space Marine chapter, and for a little less than $12,000 you too can own all 1,200 models in the Ultramarine chapter. Now of course you could play an Apocalypse game with the entire chapter and it will take the better half of a week but it is possible. But instead of putting together a solid box set that someone could buy and start playing competitively, they were nice enough to give us an insanely over priced package that very few will buy. Now of course they do give us a few box sets that sure can get you started but don't expect too much from these. Sure they get you started but it is going to take a few hundred dollars more to squeak up to 1850 points.

Now you could say well they are offering box sets that are a great starter but for around $300 you are still not at a common point level. With a game that plays better starting at 1500 points and going up, a good army is going to cost you around $500 and that is a non-horde army. This is one of the big complaints with Games Workshop is this huge cost to entry. People can drop around $50 for any Privateer Press starter set. This is a little easier to swallow when trying out a new game, and much easier for younger players to enter. The local game meta here in Cleveland is seeing a dramatic gain in the Warmachine and Hordes. With models that are used in a multitude of games from table top war gaming to table top role playing the choice for many local players is clear.

We have had more inquiries from people about our involvement with Privateer Press than Games Workshop. We play both but lately our group is leaning more towards Warmachine and Hordes. We hope Games Workshop takes notice and adjusts.

Cleveland keep the games going.